11 WAYS TO LEARN MORE & TAKE ACTION #DogtownRedemption

TELL your friends about our national television premiere on Monday, May 16th and why they should tune in to #DogtownRedemption.

DONATE to our outreach efforts to ensure the experiences of recyclers like Jason, Landon and Miss Kay live on to spark a larger national conversation about creating compassion and eliminating poverty.

FIND OUT who in your neighborhood is supporting and providing hope to your low-income and homeless neighbors, like St. Mary’s Center in West Oakland. Identify nearby housing organizations, homeless shelters or local service agencies doing great work!

VOLUNTEER time, money or goods to these organizations.

SHARE your experiences with us on Facebook and Twitter. Tell us how #DogtownRedemption changed your perceptions.

TALK to others about these important issues and spread this movement of compassion to ensure that hope and human dignity have a prominent place in our world.
BUY 3 copies of DOGTOWN REDEMPTION and share the powerful experience with a friend, family member or coworker—and with someone you don’t know.

HOST community screenings of DOGTOWN REDEMPTION to raise awareness in your neighborhood and discuss the ways you can take action TOGETHER!

READ your local homeless newspapers and support their street vendors. Get your special May edition of Street Spirit, the homeless newspaper of the East Bay, and DVDs of DOGTOWN REDEMPTION from your local street vendor for $10! Seek them out and start a conversation!

JOIN our team to stay up to date and help with upcoming events, creative outreach and partnerships by adding your e-mail to our list.

DEMAND accountability from your political representatives on the city, state and national level when it comes to supporting affordable housing, employment opportunities, rehabilitation services and increased physical and mental health care for the poor. Ask them what they are doing and ask your community whether it’s enough.