The idea behind our For-Benefit Media campaign is to create media that serves and benefits the poor.  

Our collaboration with Street Spirit, the East Bay's homeless newspaper, is our first pilot project. We would like to expand that pilot project by spreading the word and distributing our DVD through other organizations in cities across America.  


1. Introduce us to individuals and organizations that serve marginal communities.
2. Tell us who will be organizing the distribution effort.
3. Provide us with an estimate of how many DVDs you need to get started (how many vendors, selling how many DVDs over what period of time).
4. Let us know the launch date, location and campaign period.
5. Provide us with a shipping address.


The DOGTOWN REDEMPTION DVDs cost us roughly $3 to produce. We do our best to make the initial batch available to your organization for free (shipping included) either through sales, individual funders or through grants.  

We suggest that you offer 2-5 DVDs to your vendors for free, so there is no cost to join or try selling the DVD. No hooks, nothing. Just a gift.

They can then sell the DVDs for a suggested retail price of $10. They keep all the profits from the sale of their first batch. $20 - $50. If they want additional DVDs, they can purchase them for $3.

On our website, we sell the DVDs for $25. So it is not only the vendors who make $10. Customers who buy the DVDs from our vendors also save over $15.  

Customers who buy the DVD on our website allow us to pay the profits forward!  


The joy of making the word Redemption come back to life. 
The satisfaction of having our work in Dogtown serve, connect and benefit communities beyond our reach.
The knowledge that Miss Kay's soul, spirit and story will live, touch and heal the world with every purchase.
The glee of creating products, media and markets that serves the poor.  
The blessings of belonging to a circle of compassion formed through your solidarity and presence.


Special thanks to Heerad Sabeti, visionary and entrepreneur extraordinaire, co-founder and trustee of the Fourth Sector Network, and other social enterprise gurus for dreaming of the For-Benefit enterprise and sector. To learn more, see The For-Benefit Enterprise.

For more information please contact us at