IN THE NEWS: Fresno Officials Unveil Apartments for Chronically Homeless

Read the full article by George Hostetter of The Fresno Bee here.

On November 19th, Fresno community officials gathered to open a new 70-unit housing structure for the city's homeless.  The units, known as the Renaissance at Santa Clara, are based on the premise of housing first: the idea that the long-standing issues affecting homeless people, including physical and mental health issues, lack of income or work, drug abuse and addiction and so on, can only be overcome if adequate housing is taken care of initially.  From that base, additional support may be provided to tackle the other issues.

Though the 70 apartments are just a dent in Fresno's overall problem - the city has some 5,000 homeless on its streets any given night - it nonetheless is a step in the right direction, and offers a means for tenants to find and secure long-term solutions.

Read the full article here.

Photo by Eric Paul Zamora of the Fresno Bee - more photos included in the full article.

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