The Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) inspires social change by enabling the sharing of diverse stories through art, education and technology.


The Bay Area Video Coalition’s vision is that:

  • A diverse group of independent media makers will possess the skills they need to tell, distribute, and preserve their own stories and the stories of their communities through existing and emerging media formats and outlets
  • Our work will be recognized for its effectiveness by our constituencies who are most in need of our services, national funders, innovative technology companies, and visionary thinkers
  • Our efforts will lead to both personal and social change, including greater respect for and cultural inclusion of diverse voices and experiences
  • Our work will provide an alternate educational and creative pathway for young people to tell their stories while laying the foundation for their future
  • Our program evaluation and expertise will inform and support effective learning in the field

To learn more about BAVC, check out their website at