100,000 Homes

Greetings, Redeemers! The new Your Daily Redemption blog will feature interesting articles, organizations, photos, news, or anything else that catches our eyes.  This information isn't meant to be in-depth: instead, this blog will feature short interesting things to read and share with friends!

Today, we share the 100,000 Homes project.  This organization's stated goal is as clear as it's name suggests - to get 100,000 homeless people into permanent shelter.  The organization includes a 5-step process to make this happen:

1. Build the local campaign team & increase political will 2. Clarify the demand 3. Line up the housing and support resources 4. Move people into housing 5. Help people stay housed

The website includes planning strategies to make this happen, communities which are engaging in the program, and stories about individuals who made it into housing and what it took to keep them there.

This is a group we're only still learning about, but we find the model impressive.  If there's anyone out there who has worked with 100,000 Homes or seen them in action, please share your stories with us!

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